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Aspects of project planning

Regarding project planning, the requirements of the ADICOS special detectors are different from the ones of classical smoke detectors. For this reason, extensive knowledge about the technology of the detectors as well as a general understanding of the dispersal behaviour of fire characteristics and disturbance variables is necessary.

For this, it is not only necessary to consider the particularities of the building (e.g. building geometry, air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust systems, fire protection devices in the building, etc.), but also the peculiarities of the respective industrial process (process gases, exhaust gases, thermal influences, etc.) and their interaction. The determination of monitoring areas and the definition of detection targets is carried out prior to the precise elaboration of a fire protection concept.

GTE and the ADICOS experts are looking forward to accompanying you during this process. We offer you customised trainings perfectly adapted to your needs. Upon your request, we support you with our expertise – starting from the initial planning right through to commissioning, parameterisation, acceptance and maintenance.

We are looking forward to discussing your personal detection project and convincing you of the possibilities offered by the Advanced Discovery System.

Fire experiment

A concrete example for the support by our ADICOS experts during project planning is the implementation of fire tests on site. In doing so, test fires are lit in a controlled manner on characteristic points in the building or plant part to be monitored together with the constructing company in order to determine optimal assembly sites for our fire gas detectors.

Brandversuch in Bandbrücke von Kohlenkraftwerk

These fire tests give information about how smoke or fire gases are spread on site under the specific air flow and stratification conditions. By burning typical fire loads of the respective plant, it is furthermore possible to record a first spectrum of the gases released in case of smoldering. This enables an optimum initial parameterisation of the detectors.