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System technology

The Advanced Discovery System is based on a user-friendly field bus, the M-Bus, which allows the combination of data communication and voltage supply for all types of devices in one single cable. The system thus convinces by its easy assembly and simple expandability. We offer the following system technology components:


The M-Bus is a so-called master-slave bus system. In addition to the detectors functioning as slave, this system requires a master unit, the M-BUS MASTER. This master unit is not only able to provide the operating voltage for a small number of detectors, but also controls the overall data communication.

Furthermore, the master unit allows a service PC to access via an RS232-interface. The M-BUSMASTER XF can manage the communications with up to 250 detectors. In doing so, due to its protective class IP 65, the M-BUSMASTER XF is especially suitable for unfavourable environments and can be further extended by an Ethernet module. The M-BUSMASTER S is a practical tool for service works equipped with USB interface.

Power supply unit | NT V40-A3

If the power output of the M-BUS MASTER is not sufficient to supply all connected detectors with voltage, an additional external power supply unit is necessary. The short-circuit proof NT V40-A3 provides a maximum current of 3 A at 40 V.

Branching and connection box| AAB

The connection and junction box AAB allows an easy installation of the ADICOS detectors. In doing so, all supply and data lines from the backbone are branched to the corresponding detectors. The ergonomic design of the terminal blocks and the pre-printed designations ensure quick assembly and error-free wiring.

ADICOS AAB is also available for dust-explosive area of ATEX-zone 22 (ADICOS AAB-X22).

Branching and connection box| AAB-L

The connection and branch box AAB-L is an extra robust and high-quality variant of the AAB in the generous stainless steel housing. It allows easy installation of the ADICOS detectors of all models. Because of an IP66 degree of protection, the AAB-L can be installed and used in both harsh industrial environments and outdoors. When the AAB-L is used, all supply and data lines are branched off from the main line to the corresponding detectors. The AAB-L offers optimal wiring conditions thanks to its generous terminal space with wiring channel inside the housing and high-quality internally pre-wired double-pole terminals. In addition to the looping of fire detection LOOP, limit signal lines for fault and alarm, power supply and M-bus, there is also the possibility of coupling an external power supply. Due to the ergonomic design of the series of terminals and the pre-printed designations, rapid assembly and error-free wiring of up to eight cable glands are ensured.


In order to integrate ADICOS detectors into an existing fire protection system, different expansion modules are available. Via these breadboards, GSME and HOTSPOTS can be connected amongst others to fire alarm control panels of Siemens, Bosch and Hekatron.

Connection cable 5 m

Since all ADICOS detector versions are uniformly equipped with an industrial bayonet coupling, a ready-made standard cable can be used for installing the system. On one side, this shielded connecting cable is equipped with the ADICOS bayonet connector and is available ex works with a length of five metres. Special lengths are available upon request.

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