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System software

The ADICOS central software is designed for comfortable, computer-aided visualisation of all measuring data and states of the ADICOS detectors. The state of the overall system is displayed in an overview screen. Graphics can be optionally integrated as an overview of the overall system. This makes a precise, space-resolved visualisation of the system possible.

Fault and alarm messages are displayed in a clearly organised way and their time-dependent course is documented. In addition to a continuous graphic on the fire probability progress of a specific device, the concentration gradients of the individual guide gases in selectable time periods can be displayed for all devices of the fire alarm system. The programme features a protocol list which gives an overview of the past events.

All safety-related data and programme parts are password-protected! For supervisory purposes, access to the measuring values and states of all devices is possible from commissioning. The programme provides comfortable tools in order to administrate this mass of data. In this way, every significant point in time can be easily located for the overall period.

Stored data can be used in order to document and analyse fire occurrences and for optimum adaptation to changing background exposures or disturbing influences.

For systems equipped with ADICOS BMZ-30, the central software features an extended range of functions. Thanks to these functions, the ADICOS fire alarm control panel can be configured in a comfortable manner.

In case of special applications, the programme can be adjusted to individual customer wishes.

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