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Special optical detectors

As we always aim to expand the Advanced Discovery System by innovative detector technologies, we have a great number of detector concepts in prototype stage available. A special focus must be placed on the special optical detectors which are based on the principle of space-resolved detection of backscattering particles or aerosols of a laser beam. We would like to point out that we are always open to apply our concepts to customer-specific detection projects.

Linearer Rauchmelder SMOKESPOT


The ADICOS SMOKESPOT is an innovative smoke detector which is equipped with laser technology and intelligent signal evaluation. The SMOKESPOT operates according to the scattered light principle and detects the fire smoke by means of backscattering of an emitted laser beam. The system disposes of a linear scattering centre. This allows a sensitive smoke detection within a range of 0.5 m to 5 m starting from the detector.

The ADICOS SMOKSPOT is particularly designed for the early detection of smouldering. For conventional smoke detectors, the fire smoke must reach the detector due to the thermal. The SMOKESPOT however is able to detect smoke at deep levels. In doing so, the fire smoke of smouldering can be detected in the initial phase before it spreads out to the ceiling due to the thermal. Based on its linear measuring principle, the ADICOS SMOKESPOT is suitable for fire detection in complex constructions where direct mounting of detectors is impossible. It is not necessary to use a reflector. For this reason, faults due to building movements are prevented during operation.

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