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Service technology

The operators of the Advanced Discovery System benefit from the long field experience that our engineers and technicians gained through a great variety of applications and that they used for further developments. For instance, intelligent testing of complex systems is required both during commissioning and within the scope of regular checks. For that purpose, our ADICOS specialists have developed the following tools:

GSME tester GTL-3

ADICOS GTL-3 is GTE’s equipment to test GSME fire gas detector in-situ. It is designed as an attachment for the widespread testing system solo™ by detectortesters.

The GTL-3 consist of a combustion chamber, in which a rod of pressed organic material is smoldered, creating the gas mixture required to trigger GSME detectors. It is connected to the telescopic pole of the solo™ and placed with it’s nozzle to the front of the GSME. A controlled draft inside the GTL keeps the controlled smoldering fire within the combustion chamber alive.

Compared to the previous version of GSME test equipment (GTL-100 and GTL-2), the GTL-3 is much more compact in its and therefore easier to handle. The GTL is powered by the batteries of the solo™ system, which makes maintenance more user friendly.

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HOTSPOT tester HTL-2

The ADICOS HTL-2 is a mobile device for the functional testing of all HOTSPOT infrared detectors from the Advanced Discovery System. It consists of a robust plastic housing with an integrated heating plate, which is controlled during operation to a temperature of 100 ° C. This results in a uniform infrared radiation that is clearly visible in the HOTSPOT. Thus, not only during the installation, the visual field of installed HOSTSPOT detectors can be verified, but also selective parameterization within the visual range can be checked. For this purpose, the heating plate is pressed against the optics of the HOTSPOT detector to be tested and the entire viewing range of the detector sensor is thus stimulated homogeneously.
The HTL-2 is operated with the SOLO 760 battery pack from No Climb Products Ltd. (detectortesters.com).

The HTL-2 reaches high heights, as in installation conditions in industrial plants, with the help of the Solo 100 telescopic extension rod which can be extended to a length of 5 meters.

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The M-BUS MASTER A3 is a little helper for the commissioning and service use in the Advanced Discovery System. It fits in every trouser pocket and offers the opportunity to establish a direct communication connection between a service PC equipped with the ADICOS central software and a random ADICOS detector. This is helpful, e.g. for direct readout or change of parameters of an individual detector or to change the BUS address of a detector. A pre-parameterisation prior to assembly is conceivable as well.

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