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ADICOS control panel

The control panel BMZ-30 is a compact central unit which communicates with all GSME, HOTSPOT and FIRELASER units via the ADICOS M-Bus and displays and evaluates their states. It allows to group detectors and to create alarm rules.

Starting from the fire alarm panel, collective alarms can be output and control devices activated according to the preset requirements. Furthermore, it ensures an uninterrupted recording of all system events.

Besides a modular expansion by an ISDN/analogue/GSM modem and an Ethernet interface, the ADICOS FACP also distinguishes itself by its interface to other fire alarm control panels of renowned manufacturers like Bosch, Siemens or Hekatron.

Detector connecting capacity

The ADICOS BMZ-30 is able to evaluate signals of up to 127 detection units. During signal evaluation however, it is not able to supply all detectors with power. For detectors of the GSME type, power supply can be realised via the detector bus or, as an alternative, via an external power supply (24-40 V DC). Via the detector bus, the BMZ is able to supply up to 15 GSME directly with power. For more than 15 detectors, repeaters or a combination of external supply and bus supply must be used.

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