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Product overview

Industrial Fire Gas Detectors

Fire gas detectors of the GSME product line detect the concentration of fire-critical gases – even smoldering fires can be reliably detected.

Industrial IR Heat Detectors

Detectors from the HOTSPOT product series detect all kinds of smoldering and open fires by infrared measurement technology and intelligent signal evaluation.

TPME – Temperature detectors

TPME integrate three contact temperature sensors into the fire detection system, which is ideal for monitoring temperatures of drives, bearings and casings.

Special gas detectors

Special gas detectors for fire prevention in plants where sensitive gases are used or gaseous waste products are generated…

BMZ-30 – Control panel

The BMZ-30 is our compact central unit for the administration of the ADICOS detectors. It can also be extended as an interface to fire alarm control panels of other manufacturers.

System technology

Voltage supply and communication of the ADICOS detectors are realised via a bus system. The system technology brings the detectors to life.

Service technology

Useful tools for our system. Testers for GSME and Hotspot.

System software

The foundation of our system is the optimal adaptation of all detectors to your personal plant. Our software makes parameterisation and detailed analyses possible.

The solution to your problem!

Our philosophy is not to offer products but solutions. Feel free to describe us your situation or problem. We are looking forward to supporting you with our expertise.

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