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ADICOS HOTSPOT – Demonstration Flame-detection

This video clip shows the demonstration of a currently experimental function enhancement of the infrared detector ADICOS® HOTSPOT, which provides a reliable flame detection while tolerating constant heat sources.

For demonstration purposes two experiments are carried out. In experiment 1 a 250 °C hotplate is placed next to a test fire within the viewing area of the modified ADICOS HOTSPOT-1000. In experiment 2 the hotplate is placed directly in front of the test fire in order to show what happens in case of optical overlapping.

Both experiments yield the same result: the detector only triggers an alarm, as soon as the flame is lit. The mere presence of the heat source is disregarded as desired.

This differential flame detection functionality can be used for monitoring of industrial processes, in which high temperatures are common, but ignition of a flame needs to cause an alarm.